testo_logoHere’s a special that’s hard to turn down!

SAVE $250 on testo Combustion Analyzer Printer kits!

Testo 327-1 Printer kit now $1105

Testo 327-1 Printer and Smoke Spot tester kit now $1249

Testo 330-1 Printer kit now $1955

Testo 330-1 Printer kit with EASYHEAT PC Software now $2314

These are fantastic, rock solid pieces of equipment with 3 year (327-1) and 4 year (330-1) sensor warranties.

This is a limited time offer so act soon!


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5 responses to “testo FALL PROMO-KICK OFF!

  1. Sunny

    I am interested in purchasing the Testo 327-1 Printer Kit and I just wanted to know if the kit included an instructional dvd, usb connection and the pc software?


    • testo will have on online instructional (YouTube) available shortly. The testo 330 series has the PC software and USB option in addition to printing. The 327-1 series is strictly a printing unit. Both the testo 330 and 327-1 series printer kits are on sale for $250 off.


  2. Robert Jordan

    Is the 327-1 with printer and smoke price of $1249 before or after the rebate. I am assuming this is after the rebate.


  3. Robert Jordan

    Sorry. Didn’t ask you to notify me if the $1249 is after rebate. Thanks


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