TruTech Tools – Our success is your success

TruTech Tools, LTD was founded on the belief that better tools and better training make for better technicians.  Our motto: “A true sign of a true technician is the quality of their tools and his or her ability to use them. “

At TruTech Tools, it is our mission to insure that you not only own the best test equipment, but also know how, when and where to use it. We spend a lot of time and effort evaluating and testing products, truly understanding them from the inside out, so that your experience with them is the best it can possibly be. Whether it be the nuances of how a sensor functions or the limits the range of a probe, we put our knowledge in the context of how you use the product to be sure it fits.

It is also our belief that a trained user makes a better customer.   We do our utmost to provide support: whether it be phone support, video clips on line, video calls, PDF materials, many of them embedded in our website, some available on request. We do not go for the quick-sell or the useless upgrade. That’s not what we are about.

We pay attention to the small details, like setting the time zone on your digital equipment, before it ships to you. Or configuring probes to be sure things work for you right out of the box.

We are also interested in you and appreciate your questions and feedback, as no one is perfect, yet we try our darnedest to be so!

Thanks for reading this little message and as a token of our appreciation we are offering you a 7.5% discount off your purchase from our webstore. Just use coupon code WP-9-1 at Step 2 of checkout.
Thanks and keep in touch!

The Team at TruTechTools


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7 responses to “TruTech Tools – Our success is your success

  1. Michael Scrudato

    I am interested in purchasing the model 1250. Is there a user guide with the system?


  2. ndfrozen

    Dam right these guys know what they are talking about!
    One will find no other tool store out there with better support or knowledge about what they are selling.
    They have solved some of my issues on the testo tools even though I purchased them elsewhere, that mistake is not gonna happen again I tell you.


  3. Cory,
    The coupon was coded to expire last fall.
    Call or email us to learn more about current offers.


  4. hello. your online store has alot of great stuff. i was wonder will you be have a coupon code anytime soon? thanks


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