RETROTEC Digital Manometer Upgrade Program

Gauge Exchange Program

If you have an older model RETROTEC DM-2 Gauge and would like to take advantage of the new features, update the firmware, or if the gauge you have requires calibration, the Retrotec Gauge Exchange Program may be for you.

The program is incredibly simple, and is the best way to take advantage of the newer gauge’s features with no downtime in your work schedule. As part of the program, RETROTEC will ship you a refurbished replacement gauge before you ship your old one back, ensuring that you won’t spend any of your time waiting.

What you’ll get is an as-new gauge, including RETROTEC’s new high-contrast larger-format display, updated firmware that includes support for the true flow grid and the exhaust fan flow meter, as well as the ability for future updates to be done online. Also offered a multi-language interface including English, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish, and Latvian for the polyglot in us all! The gauge will come freshly calibrated, and will include the option of alkaline or rechargeable batteries, as well as a renewed 2-year warranty.

To participate in the program, fill out the form and RETROTEC will contact you with the instructions for shipping your old DM-2 once the order is processed. Here’s a quick overview sheet, too.

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