Keeping electronics out of the landfill, one microwave at a time.

My 3 year-old microwave recently failed (turntable runs when door is open, etc). The one before it lasted 30 years! I hate to “landfill” things if it is a minor issue and quoted repair is >$100 (Silly to repair when it cost $125 delivered)…An inquiring mind wants to know what went wrong…
I found this on the ‘net: “Door switch failure: What usually causes these switches to fail is opening the door while the oven is cooking, instead of using the “STOP” pad on the control panel. Every time the door is opened during cooking, the switches get hit by an electrical arc that will cause them to fail in time….On the bad one, you’ll probably see that its activator button (which is pushed by the door hook) is not moving out when the hook moves away from it.”
It describes my problem EXACTLY! I ordered two switches (they come in pairs) for $12.96 delivered, and we’ll be cooking again soon!
BIG TIME CAUTION- DO NOT SELF SERVICE A MICROWAVE unless you understand the extreme electrical hazards involved.

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