TruTech Adds Fieldpiece ™ Line

HVAC/R Contractors Offered More Cost Effective Instrumentation Choices
TruTechTools Adds Fieldpiece™ Line
Akron, OH (July, 2012) – TruTech Tools announces the addition of the Fieldpiece™ line of instrumentation to their online catalog.
Fieldpiece is the originator of the modular digital multimeter. The “stick” style digital multimeter (DMM) combined with accessory heads makes it easy to make electrical readings in the field plus enables technicians to easily test a wide range of other parameters.

The new Fieldpiece offering at TruTech Tools represents the progress made over twenty years of developing hand held instruments exclusively for the HVAC/R technician. Most of the Fieldpiece tools on the TruTech site are new or are significant upgrades from their predecessors. Each product has key features built-in that are needed by the HVAC/R technician. Fieldpiece products incorporate high versatility, cost effectiveness, and high field utility.

TruTech’s CEO and Co-Owner, Bill Spohn, notes, “We like Fieldpiece because it is designed for HVAC/R and not adapted to it. Fieldpiece meters offer the features HVAC/R technicians need and they work the way most technicians would expect. Modular expandability works very well for many customers. With many Fieldpiece products you can buy what you need now and look towards future modular upgrades as you can afford them.”

Founded in 2007, TruTech Tools serves the HVAC, Energy Audit, Building Performance, Weatherization and Home Inspection markets providing the best equipment, training, calibration and consulting services available. Find a complete listing of TruTech Tools instrumentation, training and services at

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