Thermal Imaging applications notes from Fluke

Fluke has put together a couple of good applications notes for current and prospective thermal imaging practitioners.

(click on the images to get the downloads)

Fluke Thermal Imaging Testimonial

Read how a seasoned pro answers questions like:

• What is your line of business?
• How did you originally learn about thermal imaging?
• Describe how thermal imaging fits in your business or as part of your services.
• What % of your business uses thermal imaging?
• Why did you choose Fluke and why did you choose that particular model?

Fluke basics for Thermal Inspection of buildings

This 12 page guide covers key topics like:

What is thermal imaging?
The benefits of thermal imaging
Thermal imaging applications
Best practices for performing
a residential infrared inspection
Choosing the right thermal imager
Checklist for choosing a thermal
imager for building inspections

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