New Low Level CO-Alarm

Defender LL6070

Details here: LINK

Instruction manual here:  Defender Low Level CO Alarm





Defender LL6070 Low Level Carbon Monoxide Monitor ( Call for quantity pricing! )

The Defender LL6070 Sealed Lithium Battery Powered low level carbon monoxide monitor continuously displays CO levels detected of 5 PPM or more.

Visual alert signals are activated when 10 PPM of CO is detected, and visual and audible alarm signals at 15 PPM.

The factory sealed lithium batteries are non-removable, and warranted to power the monitor for minimum of 3 years

Accurate, Reliable Electrochemical Sensor
Integrated Filter for Removing Nuisance Gases
Extra-Large Alpha Numeric LCD Readout
Samples for Carbon Monoxide Every 5 seconds
Auto. Displays Current CO Levels of 5 PPM or more
Intuitive Alarm, Power and Service LED’s
Low Level Alert: 4 Red LED Flashes per minute
10 PPM 10 mins., reset suspends for 24 hrs.
Low Level Alarm: 4 Beeps/Flashing LED per minute
15 PPM 60 mins., mute silences for 12 hrs
Mute is auto. overridden if CO rises to 25 PPM
Mid-Hi Level Alarm: 4 Beeps/Flashing LED per 5 secs
25 PPM 30 mins, mute silences for 5 mins.
50 PPM 15 mins, mute silences for 5 mins.
100 PPM 5 mins, no mute
150 PPM 3 mins, no mute
Manually Displays Peak CO Level from 5 to 500 PPM
Manually Displays Peak Duration from 0-999 minutes
Separate Test and Memory Buttons
Integrated Battery Activation/Deactivation Switch
Self Diagnostic Circuitry and Sensor Life Monitor
Secure-Lock Mounting System
Three Year Ltd Factory Warranty for Alarm Batteries

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