Buy Online With Cash Using Dwolla

~ September 27, 2013, Elizabeth Crawley

TruTech Tools now accepts payments made through Dwolla.

Have you ever wanted to buy something online with the cash you have now? Dwolla is a payment network that allows any business or person to send, request, and accept cash online. The best part is that the transaction doesn’t come with heavy fees and hidden charges. Isn’t the point of paying with cash to avoid paying fees and interest rates? Dwolla is a great way to get around the use of “plastic cards” and instead, use the cash you have now.

Dwolla is a secure network that connects to your bank account, and allows you to move your money whenever you want. They don’t recieve, hold, or transmit money. Instead, Dwolla is a funds management software that uses a financial institution as it’s partner to process money transfers. Because Dwolla just handles information managment, they focus on keeping your information secure and private.

When you use Dwolla to send money, transactions are processed completely free. Dwolla will not charge you any fees and TruTech absorbs the transaction fee.

It’s easy to set up an account and even use the service as a guest. To get started, click here:

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