What’s a datalogger?

In today’s data-driven world of satellite uplinks, wireless networks, and the Internet, it is common to hear the terms “data logging” and “data loggers” and not really have a firm grasp of what they are.

Most people have a vague idea that data logging involves electronically collecting information about the status of something in the environment, such as temperature, relative humidity, or energy use.

They’re right, but that’s just a small view of what data logging is. In the fields of building performance and environmental research, everyone seems to be using data loggers. But what are they, and why are they useful?

Onset/Hobo the world’s leading manufacturer of dataloggers, has prepared this primer to the world of dataloggers, giving you a straight forward overview of this fascinating area of measurement science!

datalooger overviewCLICK HERE FOR A OVERIVEW OF data-logger-basics


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All info courtesy of and (C) Onset Computer Corporation

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