Slides and video link for Zone Pressure Diagnostics Webinar

How much leakage is through the attic, the basement, the attached garage? The only method for answering these questions is Zone Pressure Diagnostic (ZPD).

This video addresses the ZPD basics to the advanced features. Learn about non-modifiable and modifiable zone analysis, the use of your digital manometer for ZPD testing, and the meaning of your results. The accurate and cutting-edge free Residential Energy Dynamics (RED) ZPD tool will be used for examples.

In this video you will:
* See the tools needed to perform ZPD
* Learn how to conduct a modifiable ZPD test to an attic, attached garage, or basement
* Hear discussed the results of modifiable zone analysis, including flow at CFM50 and area of leakage in each pressure boundary

Here are the slides from this presentation:RED ZPD with TTT May 2017

Learn from one of the best: Rick Karg from

Go to his site for the best online calculators for Residential Energy Analysis.

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