Coupon codes now work for Testo brand products!

Testo logoCoupons are back for Testo!

Use your favorite coupon code on all brands, including Testo!

(Sorry, Fluke and FLIR still do not allow coupon codes.)

No need to login into your account anymore to save on Testo! Just use your favorite code and checkout!

A few of our most popular are listed below with links to who is associated with them. All codes below are 8% off your entire order! Check out their content!

Coupon codes are entered at the cart or checkout page in the “Apply Coupon” box. If you have any trouble, just reach out!

Call us weekdays during business hours (eastern time zone) at 1-888-224-3437, toll free US & Canada.

Or email us at or chat/leave a message on our LiveChat –


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