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Come learn the basics of combustion and the latest trends in diagnostic procedures that are used to determine if vented and unvented combustion appliances are operating safely. Learn how carbon monoxide is formed and which tools are used to diagnose problems and ensure safe equipment operation. Learn how basic combustion science works so you are better able to interpret the results from your combustion analyzer.

This course will help you understand the basics of combustion and carbon monoxide emissions for both vented and unvented appliances, know what to look for when assessing and testing for combustion safety, better understand the science of combustion to be more knowledgeable for your employer/client, as well as discover the equipment and underlying technology used to conduct combustion safety testing

A Compilation of Current Home Performance Standards

THIS ARTICLE WAS REVISED on 6-21-16 with more complete info on the table attached.

You may not be aware, but there are several Home Performance standards currently available to the public.

We have put together a table that compares the different diagnostics tests that each standard calls for.

Table comparing home performance diagnostic testing standards Rev 1

Further details on the following major categories of products may be found at the links below:

Combustion Analyzers

Ambient CO Meters

Gas Leak Detectors

Blower Doors

Duct Leakage Testers

AirFlow Meters

Thermal Imagers

Moisture Meters

Electrical Measurements

Here is a detailed listing of these standards:

ACCA Standard 12 (ANSI): Home Evaluation and Performance Improvement

Get a free copy here:


ACCA Standard 5 (ANSI): HVAC Quality Installation Verification Protocols

Get a free copy here: www.


BPI 1200 (ANSI): Standard Practice for Basic Analysis of Buildings

Get a free copy here:


RESNET Advisory Standards: Chapter 8, Standard for Performance Testing and Work Scope

View here for free:

(Will be updated by amendment with some reference to RESNET Standard 380, likely by Fall 2016.)


RESNET 380: Standard for Testing Air Tightness of Building Enclosures, Airtightness of Heating and Cooling Air Distribution Systems and Airflow of Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Get a free copy here:

Not yet in effect. This standard will likely supersede some parts of RESNET Chapter 8, likely by Fall 2016.)




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New Low Level CO-Alarm

Defender LL6070

Details here: LINK

Instruction manual here:  Defender Low Level CO Alarm





Defender LL6070 Low Level Carbon Monoxide Monitor ( Call for quantity pricing! )

The Defender LL6070 Sealed Lithium Battery Powered low level carbon monoxide monitor continuously displays CO levels detected of 5 PPM or more.

Visual alert signals are activated when 10 PPM of CO is detected, and visual and audible alarm signals at 15 PPM.

The factory sealed lithium batteries are non-removable, and warranted to power the monitor for minimum of 3 years

Accurate, Reliable Electrochemical Sensor
Integrated Filter for Removing Nuisance Gases
Extra-Large Alpha Numeric LCD Readout
Samples for Carbon Monoxide Every 5 seconds
Auto. Displays Current CO Levels of 5 PPM or more
Intuitive Alarm, Power and Service LED’s
Low Level Alert: 4 Red LED Flashes per minute
10 PPM 10 mins., reset suspends for 24 hrs.
Low Level Alarm: 4 Beeps/Flashing LED per minute
15 PPM 60 mins., mute silences for 12 hrs
Mute is auto. overridden if CO rises to 25 PPM
Mid-Hi Level Alarm: 4 Beeps/Flashing LED per 5 secs
25 PPM 30 mins, mute silences for 5 mins.
50 PPM 15 mins, mute silences for 5 mins.
100 PPM 5 mins, no mute
150 PPM 3 mins, no mute
Manually Displays Peak CO Level from 5 to 500 PPM
Manually Displays Peak Duration from 0-999 minutes
Separate Test and Memory Buttons
Integrated Battery Activation/Deactivation Switch
Self Diagnostic Circuitry and Sensor Life Monitor
Secure-Lock Mounting System
Three Year Ltd Factory Warranty for Alarm Batteries

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Digital Smoke Meter Details – the testo 308

See the linked documents for details on the testo 308, digital smoke spot tester.


Instruction manual

FAQs from testo

Article by George Lanthier

Presentation on product features

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Testo Smoke Spot Tester instructions

Always a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to use your products!

Here’s the instruction manual (TESTO smoke spot tester manual), start on page 5 for the English Version. (Wrapped in a German, French sandwich!)

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Introduction to Home Performance for Heating Contractors

UPDATED: 12-14-12

Hap Haven just delivered an OUTSTANDING webinar on the topic of An Introduction to Home Performance for Heating Contractors.

You can watch a recording HERE or download a copy of the slides here-> INTRO TO HP – HVAC.

Fasten your seatbelts and take this fast-paced ride into the newest billion dollar industry. Home Performance is uniquely suited for the heating & AC contractor. That’s because you have already mastered many of the most important components. Come learn how Home Performance and HVAC overlap, how to expand your business in a flat market and how to position yourself for the future.

As part of this webinar you will:
1) See a brief history of Home Performance and whole house thinking
2) Understand how an Energy Audit leads to more sales
3) Get an overview of the cool tools used in the industry
4) Learn how to talk to a heater

FOR more webinars by TruTech Tools, LTD go to

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What’s HOT in the TOOL world! – Bill Spohn to speak at ACCA Western-PA meeting – Oct. 4

Bill Spohn from TruTech Tools will be demonstrating what’s new in the world of HVACR tools and test instruments.

Also presenting will be representatives from Ritchie/Yellow Jacket, Hilti Tools, and United Rentals.
And meet the “Student of the Month” from Triangle Tech!

Mark your calendar and be sure to join us!

Peter’s Place
1199 Washington Pike, Bridgeville, PA 15017
(Exit 55 off I79N or I79S)

3:00 pm – Board Meeting
5:30 – 6:00 pm – Social Hour (cash bar)
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm – Guest Speakers
7:00 pm – Social Hour restarts (cash bar)
7:00 pm Dinner – $40.00 (cash, check, credit card)

Dinner Selection: Prime Rib or Virginia Spots

RSVP: 724-779-1860 (phone or fax) – NO cancellations after October 2

SEE ACCA W-PA October 2012 meeting notice FOR SIGN UP FORM AND MORE DETAILS.

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Combustion Webinar Slides & Link to Recorded Session: COMB 100

Combustion 100 Slides

See a recorded session



Watch recorded webinars on MANY topics HERE

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Productivity features of the testo 310-combustion analyzer (VIDEO)

See actual tests performed, learn more about the productivity features of the all NEW testo 310 combustion analyzer.

For more info and to purchase, click HERE or HERE.

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TruTech’s Video on the testo 310


link to video

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August 27, 2012 · 11:33 pm

Quick video overview of the NEW testo 310

testo 310 video

testo 310 product info

Overview of the features and benefits of the Testo 310 combustion analyzer. The new Testo 310 is a new class of analyzer for Testo. Easy to configure, and use, the 310 is one of the best values in its price class. The Testo 310 measures CO, O2, draft, stack temperature and calculates, COaf or undiluted, efficiency, CO2, and more.

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