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4 Reasons Not To Write Product Reviews

Product reviews are just as important as product descriptions. Both the customer and the retailer can benefit from product reviews. Still, many customers don’t write reviews. There are a few reasons they give for not writing product reviews, but don’t fret. For all these concerns, we have solutions!

As any online retailer knows, we love it when customers review products. First of all, it’s free content the customer writes. It also helps to convert online browsing into online sales. Retailers like negative reviews almost as much as the glowing reviews because they also generate sales. With a negative review, what won’t work for one customer may be exactly what the next customer needs.

Reviews are also good for the customer. Sometimes the product description doesn’t include enough detail for the customer to know if the product is right for its intended application. Customers can assist one another by sharing how they used a product and by giving additional information, such as including the weight, size, or quality of materials used. Reviews can also lead to changes in product development when the reviews are getting to the manufacturer (We can’t speak for all retailers, but at TruTech Tools we make sure these reviews get to the manufacturer.)

If reviewing products is so important, why doesn’t everyone write a review?

1) I’m not good at writing. I never know what to write.

The beautiful thing about product reviews is that you don’t have to be a talented author. You can click a star rating and then write a couple of sentences about the product.


Reviews can be as simple as “This item was really good. I like the color too.” or they can be very descriptive.

2) I don’t have the time to write a review. I don’t even have time to read them. I’ve barely read this letter.

Thanks for sticking around this long, but let’s be honest with each other. Does it really take that long to write one or two sentences? You don’t have to spend a lot of time on a review. You can simply write, “It did the job.” Or “For this job, I should have bought something else.”

3) Whatever. I don’t care if you sell this wonderful/awful product. Why should I write a review if it doesn’t change the product?

Oh, but it does. When we see a suggestion for improvement or a complaint about a product we carry, we send it straight to the manufacturer. Legitimate concerns are addressed and lead to new, improved products.

Likewise, positive reviews tell us what we’re doing right. How else can we, “keep up the good work?”

So, in short, yes, what you write in that review is fairly likely to change something about the product or the way a product is presented, if more information would have been helpful.

4) But I really hated the product! Should I still review it?

Absolutely! Yes, please still review the product. As the saying goes, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” When you let the manufacturer know you’re not happy, they are listening loud and clear because they want their product to do well. And the more customers complain, the more the manufacturer will do to improve their product.

If you still don’t know what to write, this may help you write your next product review: 

  • Simply state whether you love it or hate it and one or two reasons why.
  • Say something you liked about it. Maybe you liked that it was light weight and easy to carry.
  • If you were performing a particularly difficult task and the product helped or hurt the task, share your story.
  • Talk about what you wanted to see more of or what needs improvement. Your suggestions will get back to the manufacturer which could lead to improvements or upgrades to the product.

 Tips to remember:

  • Be honest, but also remember to be helpful. Don’t just say “it sucks” but tell everyone why it sucked.
  • Your review can be anonymous, so don’t feel as though you’re going to be judged. Write as much or as little as you want.
  • Think of it as a conversation with a friend. What would you tell someone who expressed an interest in buying the same product?
  • Make sure you try the product before you review it. This seems like it should be obvious but… it’s not.

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Linking to TruTech…so many ways!

photo(13)So far, I’ve counted 11 easy ways to link to TruTechTools, LTD and keep up with us.

We work hard to keep you informed on trends and developments in the area we care about most: measurement science.

If you think we are missing out on a way to connect, let us know!


TruNews Newsletter        

Sample newsletters         

FREE Webinars                  

FREE Video learning        

FREE Training materials 

Our EVENTS calendar      

TruTech Tools Blog          

FaceBook Page                  





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Our Mission

calibration video

TruTech Tools delivers authoritative knowledge to HVAC and Building Performance contractors.

As a leading distributor of test instruments, we help customers first realize, then solve their problems by helping them understand how, when and where to make make measurements through offering a hand-picked array of the best products enhanced with free webinars, training materials, downloads, guides with written and telephone support.
We connect you to your industry via networking and participation in trade shows, technical conferences and committees where we forge the future via advocacy.
We are fiercely passionate about doing it right the first time. We want to see people better understand their job and become more efficient, successful and profitable in what they do.
Offering most resources free of charge, we hope customers appreciate our efforts and honor us with their business.
TruTech Tools: Making Measurement Science Work!

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Facebook changes: You might miss our posts!

Facebook has made some changes that may result in you missing the posts made to our wall. Please take a minute to make sure you aren’t missing TruTech’s posts.

1.  Go to our Facebook Page

2  Hover over the Like button, which is already checked if you are a fan.

3.  You will see a dropdown menu. Make sure that “Show in News feed” is checked

4.  You will see a new interest list has been created for TruTech posts.

Click Continue to view the new list from your home page.

If you want to receive our feed go to and click on “Like”

Don’t Forget When You Like Us on Facebook or Follow Us on Twitter we will give you 500 TruReward$  Points.

Get familiar with the program –  TRUREWARD$

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ALL NEW TruReward$ Points program at TruTech Tools

Introducing the all NEW TruReward$ Points program at TruTech Tools!

Sign up for a TruTech Tools account today, then every time you buy from us you will immediately earn points toward TruReward$!.  It’s easy, and it’s free to sign up.

What a GREAT membership benefit!

Get all the details RIGHT HERE…

TruReward$ Program Description

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After 5 Years – We Knew We’d Find Ya! The TruTech Story

TruTech Tools was founded as a retirement hobby for James C. Bergmann (Jim Sr.) who worked with his son, James L. Bergmann (Jim, Jr.), in product selection, establishing a website and online advertising. Both father and son have racked up decades of experience as HVAC technicians and in HVAC supply house distribution. Jim, Jr. is also trained and employed as an award-winning, secondary school HVAC instructor, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and experience gained in naval service. Jim, Jr. is also a science buff always striving to understand the underlying physics of a problem, the process and the solution.

The company was housed at the time in Jim Sr.’s spare bedroom in Richfield, OH!  Yet, the company’s first year sales amounted to a tidy sum for a fledgling startup and consisting mostly of Testo brand products. TruTech was founded on and has continued to focus on understanding, pre-selecting and delivering the very best measurement tools and support to our customers.  “We knew in our hearts there were other contractors out there who shared our passion for proper systems installation and maintenance, and that’s exactly who we started to do business with,” says Jim, Sr.

Before business start- up, Jim, Jr. was employed by Testo, Inc. as a part time technical adviser. Father and son put to use their hands-on knowledge of HVAC testing (and later energy auditing) to deliver remarkable customer service and support, pre and post- sale, as well as sage equipment/troubleshooting advice. These activities established the very strong reputation that TruTech continues to enjoy for our in-depth product knowledge and unrivaled technical support. Jim, Jr.’s wife Robin assisted with all facets of the operation from the beginning: answering the phone, ordering products, maintaining inventory, receiving, packing, shipping and especially, accounting.

In 2008, TruTech began to focus more on products related to the emerging energy efficiency markets, connected with several larger customers and organizations and began to attend key tradeshows. As 2008 came to a close, TruTech’s sales had grown over 1000% and the product mix had expanded to 10 manufacturers. The company moved out of James Sr.’s bedroom to his converted garage in and just a couple months to a rented house, then on to an office suite on Swartz Rd., where it expanded twice over the years.

Bill Spohn worked for Testo as product marketing manager for 10 years. Previously he worked in multiple engineering roles: Quality Control, Design, R&D and Manufacturing, as well as a business unit manager and director of strategic planning. Bill holds BS and MS degrees in engineering, a Professional Engineering license and has served as an expert technical witness. Bill had always wanted to own and run his own business. He is active on several national technical committees and holds three US patents. In early 2009, TruTech invited Bill to join as a member of the company, take on the full time role as general manager and apply his talents, connections and experience to growing the company. Bill amicably left Testo in February 2009 and immediately started with TruTech Tools. “I recognized the Bergmanns’ expertise the first time I met them, and knew immediately that their talents would be extremely valuable to the Building Performance community as well as the HVAC market,” says Spohn.

Business continued to grow in early 2009 as the company improved its understanding of internet marketing. Bill worked the phones, tradeshows, and contacts as well as developed and executed marketing plans. In Mid-2009, as business continued to pick up, a fulltime shipper/receiver (Bill Sutherland) and a fulltime sales manager (Eric Preston) came aboard.

In addition to the birth of TruBrew Beer, 2009 closed with sales up well over 200% and the addition of many new product lines which sprung out of combinations of relationships, research, customer request and market/internet presence. Robin now took on the fulltime roles of office and financial management.

Through 2010, Eric excelled in his understanding of the product lines, and he and Bill Sutherland took part in technical training offered by Bill, Jim, Jr. and outside organizations. Bill drew upon past experiences and new technologies as he continued to work on systems, procedures and policies to create a lean, flexible and nimble organization that communicates rapidly and effectively. Jim, Jr. spearheaded a transition to a more robust and effective web-cart system, while Bill moved the company into virtual communications and accounting systems. Bill’s wife, Marilyn, joined the company in early 2010 to take on some of the growing administrative tasks. 2010 drew to a close with almost 30 product lines available and sales up 20%.

In 2011, we began the year with Jim, Jr. officially joining TruTech as he left Testo. We created our first formal marketing plan by engaging part time Marketing Consultant, Susan McKee. Susan continues to bring keen perspectives from previous experience in consumer marketing allowing Bill to focus on improving operations, evaluating metrics, responding to opportunities and growth. Our goal for 2011 was to let the world know that Jim, Jr. was now directly associated with TruTech. We accomplished this through press releases, Jim, Jr.’s online and magazine writing, technical videos, as well as hosting our first week long training seminar, the TruTech eXpo, where we welcomed 70 attendees to the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center in Brecksville for a four day lecture and hands on lab/conference and training event.  Very positive feedback from the eXpo convinced us to host a second conference in 2012 and add live training to our own product line.  We now regularly host free webinars for our customers on combustion analysis and thermography with more topics to come.  Jim Jr. notes, “I really enjoy seeing the expression on a technician’s face when they finally grasp a concept that had for years eluded them.” Jim, Jr. also performs corporate training with rave reviews from influential groups in all parts of the county. We stay in close contact with our customers by attending and presenting at tradeshows nation-wide and are constantly evolving the content of our website to enrich the customer experience. 2011 ended with sales up 35%.

Our website underwent a comprehensive overhaul as 2012 began, including enhanced graphics, easier searches and more comprehensive tools and training content.   Our physical office moved to a much larger facility on Turkey Foot Lake Rd in Akron to accommodate our growth and a state of the art calibration and repair lab launched in April and manned by Bill Sutherland.  Coincidentally, our fifth full time employee, Josh Crawley, will join us on April 23, 2012, our 5 year anniversary.

We are very excited about the prospects that the future holds for TruTech Tools.  As we cross the critical 5 year benchmark for small businesses, we look back with pride.  “We knew there were customers out there, people who valued expertise in measurement science and had our shared commitment to getting the job done right the first time,” notes Spohn.

Look like we were right!

Thank you for being a part of our journey.


A big thanks to Chad A. our first customer who got us started on April 23, 2007.


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TruTech Tools – Newsletter Vol. 2, #6

TruTech Tools – Newsletter Vol. 2, #6

Now through July 9th 5% off everything on the site PLUS some
outstanding pricing on our
specials page..

We been busy since the last newsletter!

TRU-TECH TRAINING! We are launching a regular series of Webinars to help you learn how to get more out of the diagnostic equipment you now own or wish to purchase.
Taught by the professionals at TruTech Tools (TM). Click the link for more details.

We now offer the complete line of Bacharach Test and Measurement Products
Check out the CrewCamIR (R) -a thermal imager that bounces!
See the New FLUKE TiS thermal imager – $2495 now gets you more than ever before!

NEW EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS Several new books & DVDs with more coming shortly.

NEW PAYMENT METHOD Pay using your checking account and our secure processor
Just choose OnLine Check as the payment method.

GROUP BUYS Contact us if you belong to our wish to form a group interested in a Group Buy. Group Buys are private sales where the price to ALL members of the group reduces at a fixed steps as more people commit to buying with the group. Consider Organizing a GroupBuy during your training classes. Contact


BLOWER DOORS IN STOCK at a great price!

ENERGY AUDITORS and HOME PERFORMANCE CONTRACTORS Join Efficiency First and receive tons of member benefits including discounts at TruTech Tools!


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