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Testo Introduces Truly Revolutionary New 320 & 310 Combustion Analyzers

Akron, OH (August, 2012) – TruTech Tools is pleased to announce the addition of the all new testo 310 and 320 combustion analyzers. Testo, the global innovator of digital combustion analyzers has really done their homework this time. Ever since the early 80’s when testo developed the first combustion analyzer, they have lead the worldwide market.
“I have personally witnessed the true passion for product perfection that testo embodies in all aspects of R&D, engineering, production and customer service,” notes TruTech’s CEO and Co-Owner, Bill Spohn.
“Testo has really knocked it out of the park with the new model 310 and 320,” Spohn continues, “the feature sets, price points, quality and attention to detail will have more contractors and technicians doing faster and better work every day! From on board NOx filters, to fast, 30 second start ups in the model 310 to color graphic displays and high memory capacity in the model 320, the future of combustion testing has arrived.”

Learn more:


 testo 310 Brochure


 testo 320 Brochure

Founded in 2007, TruTech Tools serves the HVAC, Energy Audit, Building Performance, Weatherization and Home Inspection markets providing the best equipment, training, calibration and consulting services available. Find a complete listing of TruTech Tools instrumentation, training and services at www.trutechtools.com

TruTechTools, Ltd.

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FREE Seminar: Combustion Principles & Safety Testing

Dear Friends of Tru-Tech Tools,

Tru-Tech Tools working with the Northeast HERS Alliance (“Alliance”) Board of Directors and Staff are proud to announce a RESNET Professional Development and BPI Continuing Education seminar on January 12th titled: “Combustion Principles & Safety Testing”.

The Presenter will be Mr. Bill Spohn of Tru-Tech Tools. Bill has designed and marketed a wide array of products in the last twenty-five years. He has presented to a variety of audiences on the applications of testing and measurement instrumentation in building science, weatherization, and HVAC. Bill is affiliated with GAMA, OMA, ASHRAE, RSES, NATE, BPI, and ACCA committees, and holds three US patents.

Advance your knowledge of combustion and diagnostic procedures that are used to determine if vented and unvented combustion appliances are operating safely. Understand how carbon monoxide is formed, which appliances are the most hazardous, and what tools and procedures are used to diagnose systems and ensure safe operation.

Learning Objectives:
1. Discover the basics of combustion and carbon monoxide emissions for both vented and unvented appliances;
2. Learn about carbon monoxide emissions testing for household combustion appliances; and,
3. Understand the basic principles of worst case draft testing to ensure combustion safety.

There is no charge to participate in the session, but to qualify for either RESNET professional development credits and/or BPI continuing education units you will need to pass a ten question on-line test which, upon passing, you will be provided with 1.5 credit hours. The cost to take the test is $29.95 for Alliance members or $39.95 for non-members. This is a repeat of the session conducted at the Affordable Comfort Conference at Sturbridge Massachusetts.

So please distribute the above information so your employees and peers can join the session on Wednesday, January 12th from 3:30 – 5:00 PM Eastern for the call on: Combustion Principles & Safety Testing.

To register for the session:
1- Go to: http://trutechtools.webex.com
2- In the search box, type in NEHERS
3- Click on the register link (right side of page with little pencil beside it) next to the session entitled NEHERS: Combustion Principles and Safety Testing
4- Complete self registration form, press REGISTER button at bottom of page

Shortly, thereafter you will receive an email with the log-in information for the day of the session. You will get another reminder email 24 hours before the session.

If you have any questions on the above session, or membership in the Alliance, please do not hesitate to contact Frank Migneco, Alliance Director of Program Planning at frank@nehers.org or 570-443-8499.

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